We are building a world where consumers don’t have to worry about fake reviews problems when making purchasing decisions. With verified information, vetted and verified businesses, and a strong partnership between quality businesses and enthusiastic, well-rewarded consumers, plus price guarantee features and enhanced complaint handling, everything becomes simpler and better -it all becomes Veri-Good.
The Veri-Good news for Consumers
  • Earn money and great benefits by being a Veri-Good Verification Agent
  • Earn rewards and get special offers by being a Veri-Good consumer
  • Access genuinely accurate and verified information on businesses
  • Enjoy the commitment made to high standards by ALL Veri-Good businesses
  • Great help with resolving any problems that do occur
  • Find and get notified of REAL bargains
  • Lowest price guarantee features
  • No wading through mountains of out of date, anonymous and suspicious reviews
The Veri-Good news for Businesses
  • Rise far above all your bad and mediocre competitors 

  • All-positive, powerful promotion for your business 

  • Cost-effective, budget-saving pricing and methods 

  • Brand impact – what could be better than being known as a Veri-Good business? 

  • Comes with additional, exceptional customer relationship tools 

  • The Veri-Good relationship is based on strong partnership 

  • Much improved connectivity with your customers and consumers 

  • Great flexibility – use according to your needs and budgets 

The Veri-Good Mission

  • Enabling millions of people and businesses to contribute to the constructive, fair and accurate provision of verified confirmation of excellent standards.
  • A total commitment to information integrity – online accuracy and transparency that enables consumers to make the best-informed purchasing decisions.
  • ‘Clutter-free’ information on verified good businesses – kept up to date, easy to evaluate checked facts, photos and standards.


Promoting and supporting verified good businesses that really stand out with their commitment to ensuring their customers are looked after in so many important ways, from the transparency of information to outstanding customer care.

Participation by consumers that gives them not just confidence in their choices, but also rewards, payments, discounts and special offers.

More information coming very soon! In the meantime, consumers, businesses and journalists can use our contact page to ask for more information.

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