Who we are

Veri-Good is being delivered by the founders of KwikChex – a business that has been at the forefront of supporting online information integrity for over a decade. During that time, there have been many headlines around the world covering the work carried out to help prevent review fraud, and to help consumers, businesses and government authorities tackle misinformation.

Now, 10 years after one of the landmark actions taken – the UK Advertising Standards Authority ruling against TripAdvisor, Veri-Good is seeking to help resolve the ongoing problems more comprehensively, by providing an alternative to online reviews that is based on true verification of crucial information, on accuracy and resolutions that benefit everyone by providing safeguards against fraud and encouraging the very highest standards.

Why consumers will love Veri-Good information

  • Veri-Good Information Integrity – information on businesses that comes with guarantees of accuracy.
  • Veri-Good Resolutions – all participating businesses have to sign up to a monitored and supported complaints resolutions commitment.
  • Only businesses with verified high standards can be featured – eliminating the sub-standard clutter.
  • Consumers are able to not only contribute to business excellence – they can get discounts, take advantage of special offers -and even  earn money!


If you’re a consumer that wants to participate in getting discounts, special offers and being paid as a Veri-Good Verification Agent, click here

Why businesses will love being on the Veri-Good platform 

  • Veri-Good businesses are at the top of the integrity ladder – creating consumer trust and loyalty.
  • It’s cost-effective and can produce an exceptional return.
  • Having a Veri-Good reputation includes being able to tackle distorted and / or false perspectives created by inaccurate online attacks.
  • The Veri-Good principles and excellence monitoring help produce continuous standards improvement.


If you’re a business that wants to become known as a Veri-Good business, click here

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