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Who we are

Veri-Good is being delivered by the founders of KwikChex – a business that has been at the forefront of supporting online information integrity for over a decade. During that time, one of our main ‘claims to fame’ has been tackling online review fraud. And we have received many accolades for our work in consumer protection, including a Business Hero Award.

We are experts in verification, and know this is the key to consumers getting reliable information – so we are in effect, introducing Veri-Good as an alternative to online reviews – a resource where we work harder to provide accurate information, and one where we work much closer with our consumer partners (who will be rewarded for their contributions – something that doesn’t happen on reviews sites) and our Veri-Good business partners.

If you want to get a good feel about the work that KwikChex has been doing since 2010 see our news section –

Why consumers will love Veri-Good information

  • Veri-Good Information Integrity – information on businesses that comes with guarantees of accuracy.
  • Veri-Good Resolutions – all participating businesses have to sign up to a monitored and supported complaints resolutions commitment.
  • Only businesses with verified high standards can be featured – eliminating the sub-standard clutter.
  • Consumers are able to not only contribute to business excellence – they can get discounts, take advantage of special offers -and even  earn money!


If you’re a consumer that wants to participate in getting discounts, special offers and being paid as a Veri-Good Verification Agent, click here

Why businesses will love being on the Veri-Good platform 

  • Veri-Good businesses are at the top of the integrity ladder – creating consumer trust and loyalty.
  • It’s cost-effective and can produce an exceptional return.
  • Having a Veri-Good reputation includes being able to tackle distorted and / or false perspectives created by inaccurate online attacks.
  • The Veri-Good principles and excellence monitoring help produce continuous standards improvement.


If you’re a business that wants to become known as a Veri-Good business, click here

discover The Veri-Good principles

information on  the Veri-Good roll-out – the locations and sectors