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Be a part of the veri-good business revolution!

As a business owner/manager, you know how difficult it is in the massively competitive, globally connected world we live in to make the kind of impact that brings serious business benefits.

You are probably competing with every type of competitor imaginable – from respectable businesses all the way to those that cheat the systems, such as online reviews, and even some that are out and out dishonest or criminal.

Everyone knows that online reviews are incredibly influential, and with inadequate safeguards, they – and your reputation are subject to distortion and corruption. As a business that has led the fight against these problems, we have used all our knowledge to come up with a solution – a platform where only verified, good businesses (hence ‘Veri-Good’) are featured and where all the important information is verified, so consumers are not blinded and confused by potentially misleading content. 

if you have faith in your ability to produce a great – a veri-good experience for your customers and are prepared to make a public commitment to that, then here
are some of the benefits
  • You become known as a Veri-Good business – leveraging a powerful brand that says it all and means even more. 
  • You can attach Veri-Good to so much of your business – using it to describe special offers – Veri-Good offers, all the way through to your employees – your Veri-Good team. 
  • You rise above all of the businesses that can’t make the transparent, verified and monitored standards required to be a Veri-Good business. 
  • Our focus on a rewarded Veri-Good consumer community will drive sales and loyalty for Veri-Good businesses because Veri-Good will be the first place they look when making purchasing decisions. 
  • We will show you how to use Veri-Good to maximise, and when necessary, defend your reputation – it comes with great resources and support. 
  • And we will also show you how to use Veri-Good as a motivational, inspiring tool for your employees – doubling up on the positive effect on your business. 
  • Importantly, Veri-Good is cost-effective and extremely flexible – you will be able to apply it in precisely the best way to get maximum value. 

the veri-good revolution is about to start

and the first businesses to be a part of it are going to reap the early rewards, including great publicity. We will be approaching businesses and making rapid developments in several sectors and will continue the roll-out across many sectors and internationally. Some of the first we are engaging with (because of the competitiveness and exceptional trust problems with aspects such as online reviews) are 
Travel & Hospitality
Online Dating
Financial services, products and investments
But no matter what your business, becoming known as a Veri-Good business can be a game-changer, so get in touch with us as soon as possible to find out precisely what the Veri-Good advantages are for you. Use the contact form to start the ball rolling.