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Be part of the veri-good for consumers revolution!

As a consumer, you are constantly subjected to masses of online information about businesses and products. As has been well and truly established, much of this is inaccurate and unreliable. Far too much is dishonest and even fraudulent, with reviews sites failing to stop fake reviews – and scammers are taking full advantage of this.

As a Veri-Good consumer, you can access information on businesses that have made an absolute commitment to high standards – and that commitment is clarified, verified and constantly monitored to ensure integrity. Businesses that are not prepared to meet the Veri-Good standards will not be allowed to get on or remain on the Veri-Good platform.

The information you will see has all been verified – and we will make clear precisely what has been verified and what is good about each Veri-Good business.

If you do have a problem, as a Veri-Good consumer dealing with a Veri-Good business, one of the big benefits of being a part of the Veri-Good community is the commitment made and the help provided for resolutions. 

your opportunities for earning money and rewards
  • You can apply to be a Veri-Good verification agent. That means you have the opportunity to
    •      Earn money making business verification visits and purchases.
    •      Get free services and products by checking and testing – this includes holiday services, meals in restaurants, but much more.
  • For providing feedback on Veri-Good businesses, you will receive Veri-Good tokens – which can be used as part payments with participating Veri-Good businesses. 
  • You can also earn tokens by making successful referrals and spreading the word on social media. 
  • As the Veri-Good business and community grows, we want all our partners to benefit by being a real part of the future, so you will be given opportunities to become a shareholder by converting your earned tokens – and if you wish to, invest. 

We hope you will agree that this really is a Veri-Good revolution and will want to be a part of it. If that’s what you want, here’s how to get the ball rolling. 

Register as a Veri-Good verification agent

Provide your name and a few simple details, including whether you want to be registered as a Veri-Good verification agent, and we will send you more information – it’s that simple!