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We are looking for consumers across the world that want to help with high standards and receive excellent rewards!

If you are passionate about good service, great products and online information that people can depend on – and want to be rewarded for contributing, please register your interest now.

What it involves

When businesses sign up for Veri-Good, they will be asked to make specific commitments to accuracy, transparency and consistently high standards. We want consumers that can help us provide verification of the standards of Veri-Good businesses. You may be asked to make checks on information, carry out a verification visit or provide us with a detailed report on a business or product – for example by staying at a hotel free whilst carrying out checks, or being paid to provide a verification report.

If you are interested, please email with your contact details and a CV (so we can evaluate location-based opportunities and suitability).


The Veri-Good platform will be extensive – covering many sectors and product types. We are commencing with the most reviewed and in many ways, reputation-driven sector – hospitality, but will progress quickly to other sectors.

You will need to make a strong commitment to the highest standards including service and health & safety, and be a part of a verification process that will assure your customers and potential customers. You will ensure the information you provide publicly is accurate and honest so that the expectations of your customers are met and wherever possible exceeded.

In return, as a Veri-Good business, you will be in an elevated position – standing above competitors that are not willing or able to achieve the integrity that is required to feature on the Veri-Good platform.

Crucially, you will also keep control of your customer relationships – Veri-Good is supporting direct bookings/orders and enquiries.

And of course, we will deliver cost-effectiveness that you will also be able to say is ‘Veri-Good’.

If you are interested in reaping the Veri-Good rewards for your business, we will be delighted to arrange a call to take you through all the outstanding features and benefits. Please email

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