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Take a moment to read about the benefits, features and principles – and how to start the process of being recognised as a Veri-Good Business.

Veri-Good will help create exceptional relationships between businesses and customers. It is a platform that verifies the true standards of businesses – their integrity, their value and the quality of their products, services and customer care. It is an unparalleled reputation enhancer, that will drive business to your door and improve customer loyalty.

You will engage more with consumers that are savvy and want to go straight to businesses that they know will have the highest standards – no need for them to try and work their way through the tangled web of unverified and often inaccurate and fake online reviews and other online information. Let’s face it – in the world we are living now, businesses that are playing fair are losing out to way too many competitors that are not as good, but are cheating the system.

To become recognised as a Veri-Good Business, you start with a public commitment to the Veri-Good principles of Integrity, Value and Service. You will get immediate recognition for your commitment. You will also be able to immediately introduce Veri-Good Offers and your own Veri-Good Guarantees. Then you will continue to win praise for the way you are delivering these principles.

Veri-Good Consumers – including your customers and your own, more motivated employees will be your guides to high performance and success.

the veri-good toolbox and unique features
Veri-Good Feedback

A recognition system for businesses and their employees that highlights the very best that can be achieved. 

‘Ouch & Encore’
One of the simplest but most effective ways to know what you’re doing that’s hurting your business and what you’re doing that everyone wants more of. Your customers and employees are recognised and rewarded for the best feedback. 

The Veri-Good Review Generator
Online reviews may be very flawed, but we are not naïve enough to think that Veri-Good will completely replace them overnight – so we have built in a system that enables you not only to get more positive reviews on the platforms of your choice – they will also be more trusted by consumers, thanks to a feature that will identify the reviews as genuine.

Let’s Fix This
A dispute and complaints resource that starts by encouraging customers and businesses to work together for the best results – and has a further backup provided by the Veri-Good Resolutions Service.

Beyond All Expectations
A recognition system for businesses and their employees that highlights the very best that can be achieved. 

Plus, you will enjoy the benefits of –

In addition to the unique integrity and value of using the Veri-Good brand, you will be able to access reputation protection resources provided by KwikChex – one of the most renowned businesses for tackling online defamation and distortion.

As Veri-Good grows in popularity, we will continue to add new features – resources that are absolutely focused on ever-greater integrity and reassurance that will create powerful bonds between businesses and their customers.

Veri-Good intends to always be competitive – becoming a Veri-Good Business starts at just £90 GBP a month, with flexible add-on options available to enhance the Veri-Good effect. These include enhanced verification accreditation that provides a higher-tier reassurance.

We know that whilst the Veri-Good principles hold true across a vast sector spectrum, each sector and business will have unique qualities and circumstances, so we ensure it works for everyone.

Become a Veri-Good Business now and reap the rewards of great publicity by being a Veri-Good Trailblazer.

Starting the process is easy – just complete the simple enquiry form below and we will provide you with all the details you need to make a well-informed evaluation of all the benefits.

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