KwikChex on Channel 5’s ‘When teens kill’

Chris Emmins, Co-founder of KwikChex, appears on Channel 5’s ‘When teens kill’ programme to advise on the potential dangers of online classified ads. It follows a previous KwikChex investigation into the risks of using Gumtree, which include fraud, theft and – as the programme shows, even the possibilty of serious assault / loss of life. KwikChex recommends that users of Gumtree and other online classifieds ask buyers and sellers to provide a copy of photo ID in advance of meeting. And when meeting to exchange payments / goods, help ensure you are safe by having friends present, and / or carrying out the transactions where CCTV is operating. Explain to the other party that this is what you are doing and why so they understand. This will also act as a deterrent to criminals.

If you are suspicious for any reason, you can contact KwikChex for advice.

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