“Kwikchex vs. Tripadvisor — fighting malicious negative reviews”

26 October 2010

“This situation has been brewing for years. Kwikchex’s business is accrediting companies with positive reputations, and working to protect them from defamation. The hotels they are representing are hotels with good reputations, but some very nasty reviews.Kwikchex states that they are not trying to stifle free speech:

We “believe that fair criticism and honest opinion should be encouraged and remain protected by law. The targets of this action are provable, malicious lies or gross distortions of the facts.”

Why would someone deliberately smear a hotel or restaurant? Alas, there are all kinds of reasons. They might work for a competitor, or they might have completely unrealistic expectations, or they might want to punish a hotel for not doing what they wanted.”

Read the full article by Janice Hough on Consumer Traveller – click here

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