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Special Projects

Veri-Good® Hotels

We are starting with 2 Veri-Good® Hotel features – UK Hotels and International Hotel Groups.

Our featured hotels will be committing to the Veri-Good® principles of

  • Verified, accurate, up to date descriptions and photos
  • Verified 5- or 4-star food hygiene rating
  • Provable high standards of cleanliness and food hygiene
  • Rapid complaint handling
  • Veri-Good additional resolutions service
  • Lowest price guarantees
  • Staff briefed and committed to a Veri-Good hospitality experience for guests
Veri-Good® London Pubs and Bars

How consumers view these businesses can be very subjective, so this is one of our most challenging Veri-Good business sectors. We are starting with a feature on food hygiene – listing only those that have a current 5-star (very good) or 4-star (good) official food hygiene rating. Food hygiene standards is a criterion we will be applying to all hospitality businesses, commencing with ones in the UK, where the Food Standards Agency publishes inspection results.

Then we will be inviting the businesses that have passed this first test to make a commitment to Veri-Good standards, including

  • Cleanliness
  • Prompt service
  • A warm welcome
  • Well-kept, good quality beer selection
  • Food quality
  • Ambience and a safe environment

As with all Veri-Good businesses, we will be gathering information from our Veri-Good Verification Agents and consumer members and working with them and the businesses to push standards ever higher.

Veri-Good® Finances

The world of finance is complex and can involve a wide spectrum of risks. Veri-Good® Finances will feature businesses from across a wide spectrum, from banks, through advisors and brokers, to investment, including regulated businesses, hedge funds and ‘alternative investments including property and crypto assets.

We are setting standards criteria that includes

  • Transparency
  • Track record
  • Service
  • Complaints handling
  • Safety levels

A key aim of Veri-Good Finances is to provide verified information on businesses that will help reduce risks and stress to consumers – particularly vital for those consumers that are seeking investment opportunities, where there are thousands of scams. This Veri-Good project will also be operated alongside the KwikChex ‘Safer By Far’ and ‘Check & Rescue’ initiatives to help increase the safeguarding factor.

Veri-Good® Dating

Online dating is one of the most confusing sectors of all for consumers. Criticisms, bad and fake reviews, and romance scammers have made it a minefield. Veri-Good® Dating intends to push standards and safety to new levels and to provide guidance that will make a real difference as to how people choose their online dating resource. We are including

  • Transparent contracts
  • High service levels
  • Service
  • Enhanced complaints handling
  • Fake profile and scam detection
Veri-Good® Events

The thing about most events is that you only get one chance to get it right – a poor venue, inadequate event management, sub-standard catering, faulty equipment – these are just a few of the factors that, whether you are a business organising a corporate event or an individual planning a special occasion like a wedding, can end up being a traumatic experience. Our Veri-Good Events information will help you make the right choices across a range of suppliers. We will be verifying multiple factors including

  • Matching venues to types of events
  • Track records
  • Event management skills
  • Technical know-how
  • Catering capabilities
  • Creativity
  • Guarantees and insurance cover
Veri-Good® New Businesses

This project really is a special one. When businesses are just starting up, the challenges are many and daunting. One of the hardest aspects is to establish trust and credibility, and robust verification of important factors can play a major role. We will be providing new businesses with the opportunity to reassure consumers far more rapidly. Verification will include

  • Transparency of ownership
  • Accurate product & service descriptions
  • Legal compliance
  • Fair contracts, terms & conditions
  • Guarantees and insurance cover
  • Dispute resolution
  • Verified customer feedback
Become a Veri-Good® Business
If you have a business you want to elevate to becoming a Veri-Good business, get in contact with us. Aside from the ones mentioned above, we will look at all types of business to determine how we can work together to give you a Veri-Good advantage.
Become a Veri-Good® Consumer and reap the rewards
We are reaching out to consumers that are passionate about high standards and want to make better purchasing decisions – and get all types of rewarding experiences. That includes everything from fantastic deals to becoming a Verification Agent and helping us grow our business and consumer community. Take the first step by completing a simple form via the button below