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The Veri-Good, the bad and the ugly

What makes a Veri-Good business – and what businesses won’t be featured?

The Veri-Good platform will be using information integrity to enable consumers to go straight to businesses that are meeting and maintaining agreed, proven high standards. Unlike other platforms, no amount of money or online review manipulation will get businesses not meeting verified high standards on to Veri-Good.

KwikChex research gives clear examples – the hospitality sector

A budget hotel in central London that is listed on TripAdvisor and multiple Online Travel Agent (OTA) sites is ranked higher than 700 other local competitors on TripAdvisor. It has 579 4 & 5 star reviews, 311 average and 448 1 & 2 star reviews. There are ‘horror stories’ mixed with strong recommendations and masses of seriously out of date reviews. On the Online Travel Agent booking sites, this hotel does even better, given a ‘good’ rating on and a ‘Very Good’ rating on Agoda. But – it can’t become a Veri-Good business because it has a 0 star food hygiene rating –  and that means it has failed a crucial safety test.

It’s not even the best value in its immediate location. There are  others nearby that have 5 star food hygiene ratings and several other outstanding virtues that match the Veri-Good hotel checks criteria that mean they can qualify as a Veri-Good business – and they are cheaper.

By weeding out all but those businesses that can’t meet Veri-Good standards and providing verified, accurate, up to date and transparent information about what to genuinely expect from a business (backed by guarantees), we will cut through confusing online search results  and make it easier for consumers to make better informed choices.

Coming soon – the first details of businesses that meet Veri-Good standards – and are making Veri-Good special offers. Register now to receive information and news.