TripAdvisor pledges change on opening hours information amid accuracy concerns

CatererCredits: Caterer and Hotelkeeper by Neil Gerrard.

‘Consumer reviews website TripAdvisor has pledged changes to the way it handles information regarding the opening hours of businesses featured on its site, after restaurateurs highlighted a series of inaccuracies that then proved hard to correct.’

‘Chris Emmins, from online reputation management company Kwikchex, which has also helped Mallams to highlight the problems it has suffered, said: “The issue here is not whether errors occur because of glitches in systems – we all know that can happen. The real issue is that it is an important matter which can easily lead to loss of income and the owner has reported it to TripAdvisor¬† and they have failed to resolve it. If they are taking in third party data which may be inaccurate and potentially damaging to a business, they must have a system of correcting errors quickly when notified. If this is not the case, then they could and should be held liable for any losses incurred. Like the old saying goes – with great power comes great responsibility.”

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