Veri-Good confirms redress assistance to be a crucial part of services to businesses and consumers

Continuing the theme of what makes Veri-Good very good, one crucial aspect being provided is assisting Veri-Good users – both businesses and consumers to get appropriate redress when they are at risk of detriment.

For consumers, this will mean the following

  • Accessing Veri-Good resolutions systems to fix concerns and complaints with Veri-Good members’ businesses quickly.
  • Providing them with information on understanding their contractual and legal rights.
  • Enabling them to check with independent authorities what actions are available.

For signed-up consumers (registration and access to assistance is free to consumers), they can additionally access information which can help them resolve concerns and problems even with businesses that are not Veri-Good members. This includes avoiding and dealing with scams and dispute resolution, including access to legal advice.

For businesses, Veri-Good provides the additional advantage of helping them tackle any online defamation and distortion – including fake, malicious reviews. This service includes

  • The ability to immediately respond to defamation and distortion, by referring consumers to the verified information contained on their Veri-Good profile.
  • Advising consumers that they have a renowned resolutions system in place, which should always be the first means of tackling complaints and concerns.
  • Where necessary the provision of legal assistance.

The Veri-Good redress services draw on over a decade of experience gained by KwikChex, the business that originated Veri-Good.

KwikChex has provided free advice to thousands of consumers, including helping them get their promised products or refunds. KwikChex has even supported court actions when necessary, and in some cases has gone so far as to fund such actions for consumers that could not afford to do so.

And for businesses, KwikChex has come through time and again to get fake, malicious online reviews removed from many online review platforms. KwikChex has also helped have police forces involved when online attacks have crossed the criminal harassment threshold – and even helped win financial compensation from the biggest of the Online Travel Agents and travel review businesses for a small hotel owner who suffered detriment by the unfair practices of those businesses.