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The Veri-Good principles

The Veri-Good principles start with our own commitment – a commitment to doing all possible to ensure that consumers can access genuinely verified information and be safe in the knowledge that if something isn’t right, we will help resolve it. It’s a far cry from the disclaimers on reviews sites that don’t want to take proper responsibility for the information on their sites.
We want to be proactively and reactively involved in the promotion and maintaining of the very highest standards and integrity and will work tirelessly to help our Veri-Good businesses and their customers.
Helping to alleviate existing problems

Online reviews have a lot of problematic issues and we want to ensure that these are eliminated by the Veri-Good alternative. The existing problems include

  • Extensive review fraud – both good and bad fake reviews
  • Revenge and blackmail abuse – bad actors that distort and abuse the power of online feedback
  • Attacks by competitors
  • Hate-driven content, including racism
  • Paid-for boosting up rankings and visibility
  • Ridiculously out of date information and opinions
  • Allowing just about any business to feature – without checks

Instead, we will

  • Publish verified information
  • Insist that health & safety information be provided
  • Include robust complaint resolutions processes
  • Keep information up to date

We will also make searching for consumers easy – with the ability to search by Veri-Good categories and subcategories. So, for example, with a hotel in addition to location, price range and style etc., search capability will include being able to search for aspects such as ‘Veri-Good for families, Veri-Good views, Veri-Good for health and fitness, weddings’ etc., etc.