Ziggy and TripAdvisor clash over ratings

HalifaxCourierCredits: Halifax Courier

‘A Halifax businessman is at loggerheads with TripAdvisor after his restaurant rating slumped from from top spot to 122nd out of 136.

TripAdvisor removed 280 reviews after its fraud detection systems indicated suspicious activity.

But, Ziggy Hussain who runs Ziggy’s Spice House, said the huge growth in popularity is down to him investing in the business and grateful diners happy to post positive reviews.

Mr Hussain asked KwikChex, which runs an online reputation service, to intervene and it asked for an independent IT expert to examine the evidence but that offer has not been taken up.

“Given that Ziggy Hussain is prepared to be openly judged with regard to the conduct of his business, TripAdvisor should themselves allow scrutiny,” said Chris Emmins, co-founder of Kwik-Chex.’

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Ziggy’s Spice House, Halifax